Iteration is the key to creativity. But, for years, you've had to put up with various post-processing materials and methods that leave 3D printed parts sitting for hours, if not days, before they can be evaluated, tested, improved and used, significantly reducing the number and speed of design iterations. With parts available for immediate use after printing, Rize opens a world of possibilities. An updated prototype for a critical meeting tomorrow morning. An idea sent to a desktop overseas for evaluation that same day. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Rize One enables you to produce industrial-quality parts twice as strong as similar systems for detailed design study and presentations, as well as form and fit testing and functional testing in real-world conditions up to 100% faster than similar technologies. Without time-consuming and messy post-processing or harmful emissions and with unique software that automatically enables you to print imperfect files, you can produce parts with unprecedented speed and ease. And, Rize One lets you 3D print high-definition logos, text, images and embedded markers directly onto parts, anywhere, anytime that create an immutable connection to the digital part and bridge the gap between the virtual and real world. Whether in your lab or on your desktop, the impact on your workflow and costs are profound.

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