100% built-in trust.

Our APD technology allows us to print ink into parts while they’re being built, so you can print logos, instructions, part numbers and dates onto your parts.

Rize also produces the industry’s first Digitally Augmented Parts to integrate Industry 4.0 technologies. This capability builds digital rights management into physical 3D printed parts creating an immutable digital thread between the digital and physical part for compliance, authenticity and traceability.

You just scan the QR code on the part with your smartphone and you have instant access to the digital information.



Customer Feedback:

"I think having accountability and provenance of a part is huge in the general acceptance of AM parts. A lot of it is trust in the new technology and this really helps build some of that trust. Would you buy a vehicle if it didn't have a VIN on it? You'd probably question it."

-James Zunino, Materials Engineer, US Army


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