Rize is reinventing the way you design and manufacture consumer products - from innovative new footwear and consumer electronics to recreational equipment and toys - by dramatically improving workflow and enabling you to produce parts up to 100% faster, while reducing the cost of labor, materials and equipment.

For years, post-processing has been a necessary evil. Laborious, messy and time consuming, it has delayed when you can get a usable part, created bottlenecks, prevented parts from being 3D printed on the desktop and overtaxed your in-house additive manufacturing lab. Rize One gives you the flexibility to iterate in the lab or right at your desk more often, increase the efficiency of your production process and introduce custom end-use products to market in record time and at a fraction of the cost.

Because our APD process produces safe engineering-grade thermoplastic parts stronger than polycarbonate and 2X stronger than ABSplus, and our software automatically repairs unprintable files, you can easily create products with geometries never before possible. And, as the only desktop 3D printer able to produce functional thermoplastic parts with detailed text, images and embedded markers that create an immutable connection to the digital part and bridge the gap between the virtual and real world, you can make highly customized consumer products like no one else. 

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