Rize is the only easy-to-use, safe and professional-quality desktop 3D printer suitable for your office or medical facility. With less than 1% water absorption and resistance to chemicals like alcohol, acid and acetone, there are no toxic emissions and the process uses only safe, biocompatible and eco-friendly materials. Since the Rize One 3D printer requires virtually no post-processing of parts following printing, you’ll get your parts more than twice as fast as other systems, while eliminating expensive labor and equipment and time-consuming, messy, and harmful solvents required by other 3D printing technologies. So you can turn CT scan data into accurate physical replicas of bones or organs for a pre-surgical meeting while you wait, or produce a custom tool or functional part for a medical device in only a few hours.

And, with the extraordinary strength of our medical- and engineering-grade thermoplastic, companies like CONMED and Merck use Rize 3D printers to produce parts to improve medical device design, functional parts to perform real-world appliance testing, end-use production parts by manufacturing small quantities of end-use products for clinical trials and customized prosthetics, as well as highly accurate models for pre-surgical planning and clinical education.