The time and cost savings of our Rize One 3D printer has enormous and unparalleled impact for automotive manufacturers to innovate. Because we’ve virtually eliminated the need to post-process parts after 3D printing, you can produce lightweight and functional isotropic-strength parts in the lab, on the production floor or in your office in just hours instead of waiting days or even weeks using other systems. Rize additive manufacturing technology can even 3D print Digital Rights Management into physical 3D printed parts, a QR code for example, for compliance, authenticity and traceability. Plus, eliminating post-processing means Rize One will pay for itself in just months in labor, materials, equipment and facility cost savings.

Whether you need to produce tooling, fixtures, jigs and work holding on demand to replace physical inventory and maximize the accuracy and efficiency of your assembly line or build custom end-use products for your customers’ automobiles, Rize sets a new standard for part strength, speed, security and safety, transforming how today’s automobiles, tomorrow’s driverless vehicles, accessories and aftermarket parts are designed and manufactured.