Designed as a truly industrial-grade system, Rize One meets the most unique and demanding requirements of aerospace and defense engineers who need to produce usable replacement parts and tools in just a few hours, whenever and wherever they’re needed.

Whether you build end-use parts, tools or prototypes in temporary field bases, in discrete functional divisions or in space, you require increasing versatility and control over your additive manufacturing process. Rize's patented APD 3D printing technology offers location-specific capabilities, enabling you to adapt unique material properties by location and by voxel (3D pixel) within a part. Rize One can even 3D print Digital Rights Management into physical 3D printed parts, a QR code for example, for compliance, authenticity and traceability. And, since Rize One virtually eliminates messy, costly and time-consuming post-processing following printing, as well as harmful particle emissions, you can safely produce parts in virtually any environment up to 100% faster than other systems, significantly speeding your R&D process. Plus, our isotropic, engineering-grade thermoplastic is stronger than polycarbonate and carbon fiber-reinforced parts and 2X stronger than ABSplus, making Rize One suitable for your most demanding applications.

Contact us to learn why organizations like NASA, the US Army and US Navy are Rize 3D printer customers and why the US Army has entered into CRADA agreement with Rize.