100% Rizium One

In addition to having a very low moisture absorption rate of <.01%, Rizium One also produces parts that have low surface energy and a high chemical resistance to substances like alcohol, acetone and acid. This makes them perfect for mold applications for making end-use parts, like elastomeric seals, because Rize 3D printed molds don’t need a release agent. It also means Rize 3D printers can be operated in extreme conditions, including locations with high humidity.

Best of all the components of our Rizium One material are FDA USP Class VI certified, so they’re safe to use and handle and the Rize process doesn’t emit any VOCs. Rize parts can even be recycled. This makes Rize well-suited for pre-clinical pharmaceutical and medical device applications, and a variety of military applications.


Customer Feedback:

“Our internal lab tests, ranks and recommends approximately 20 3D printing materials for internal stakeholders. Rizium One is near the top of the list.”

-Lead Engineer, Life Sciences Company


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