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Join a fast-growing 3D printing company led by a team of legendary industry pioneers that is completely transforming how products are designed and manufactured.

Named by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as the #1 startup driving 3D printing innovation and recognized by CES, Edison Awards and New Equipment Digest as a 2017 Innovation Award Winner, Rize manufactures the only versatile industrial 3D printer suitable for the lab or the office that provides the industry’s fastest and most affordable turnaround on industrial parts.

  • -Unique, patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) voxel-level 3D printing technology that uniquely produces isotropic, watertight engineering- and medical-grade thermoplastic parts 2X stronger than ABSPlus, stronger than polycarbonate in the Z-axis and even stronger than carbon fiber-reinforced parts
  • -3D print detailed text and images on parts
  • -Safe and environmentally-friendly industrial-class system that operates reliably and cleanly in a lab, office or virtually any remote location
  • -Ground floor opportunity to join a company at the beginning of the growth curve
  • -Superior reseller training and support
  • -World-class marketing support, including frequent, global exposure in trade and business press and across social media

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