Take Advantage of RIZE and Dassault Systemes Partnership

Deploy Smart Spaces with RIZE 3D Printing Solutions

Connected to the 3DExperience Platform


Connected to 3DExperience Platform and to CATIA/SIMULIA/DELMIA for One Click design to 3DPrinted part.

Health First: RIZE 3DPrinters are world first UL 2904 certified with Safe recyclable materials. This means that RIZE 3DPrinters belong next to you in your office or in the manufacturing floor, allowing connected user experience and delivering compressed design cycle time.

Haptic experiences: Generative design helps create smart products with specific objectives and constraints. Generative shapes are organic and difficult to visualize on the computer. Having a RIZE 3DPrinted generative shapes will greatly accelerate understanding of the designs and accelerate product innovation.


Intelligent Parts: RIZE 3Dprinted parts are intelligent and digitally augmented with QR Codes, Part Numbers, Colors and Images connected to the 3DExperience Platform. This creates Trusted parts with Intellectual property Protection, and Work Instructions for Installation/Assembly with Marketplaces for Digital Inventory Management.

Industry Renaissance ready: RIZE 3D printers are Industry Renaissance ready with IOT, Cloud Integrations, real time updates and analytics. These technologies and integrations enable adoption of RIZE in office or in the field allowing to manufacture 3DPrinted parts Anywhere and Anytime

IP Protection: RIZE 3D printed parts print QR Codes connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. These trusted parts and traceable for the life of the 3DPrinted part protecting your Intellectual property.

Intelligent Parts with Rizium MARKING INKS: QR CODE Gimbal Mount
Empowering Simulation through Interactivity, Intelligent Parts


AR/VR experiences: RIZE 3D printed intelligent parts enable an interactive experience with AR/VR enabling better collaboration and communication with all stakeholders.

Simulation driven collaboration: As Geometries with generative shapes and Multiphysics become complex, more than ever Simulation engineers need to visualize the stress plots, CFD and Electromagnetic results on the physical twins of the product in full colors. With RIZE, simulation engineers can 3DPrint functional parts with vivid colors to help communicate with design and manufacturing teams to drive product innovations.

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