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The Face behind the Shield

Thursday, May 1, 2020

By Andy Kalambi, CEO Rize Inc.

COVID 19 Heroes wearing 3D printed safety certified Rize Shields

We are in the midst of a global crisis – the likes of which has never seen before. This is a silent battle being fought with an unseen enemy. The only sounds are the deafening silence outside, broken from time to time by the wailing sirens of ambulances and the whirring of ventilators and life-saving equipment and tumult of activity inside hospitals everywhere. The enemy is invisible and pervasive, creeping on us from everywhere and yet at times nowhere.

3D printed safety certified Rize shield

Like any war, it is the heroes who help us persevere and conquer. These heroes give us hope and inspiration. And in this war, it is our healthcare workers and our essential workers who are at the frontlines fighting to save lives and keep our daily lives going. Our daily life continues, and we are able to shelter-in-place, remain in lockdowns with all the necessities of life thanks to them.

These heroes will be recognized much later for their contributions…some maybe not at all…and many will remain faceless, their identities hidden by their protective equipment.

Dr. Rafat Padaria wearing a 3D printed safety certified Rize Shield donated by Rize

It is to these #covid19heroes we dedicate our RIZE Shields.

When we designed the RIZE Shield we thought deeply about how we could expose the face behind the shield while protecting those who wear them. Our design of the shield was deliberate – we chose our Rizium 3D Printing material for its unique properties of being skin-safe thanks to its US Pharmacopeia Class VI certification. This is the highest level of certification there is for biocompatibility and ensures that there is no adverse impact on the skin for wearing it up to 30 days.

We realized that there is a desperate shortage of these shields. So, we ensured that the material we employed was resilient and reusable by simple sanitizing techniques like washing with soap and water. Many plastics in the 3D printing world like ABS and Nylon absorb moisture and the surface can be traps for the virus to linger and spread. We wanted the material we use to be as safe as possible.

We designed the shield to be light and durable, as it needs to be worn all day and oft times in conjunction with a lot of additional protective gear. We designed it for air flow and clear visibility so that the front of shield would not fog and allow our #covid19heroes to work effectively in comfort and without interruption.

Genesis Smile healthcare heroes and Rize shield

Using our unique hybrid 3D printing technology (APD) which prints not just the shield but also text and images in full color we personalized these shields so that these heroes can be recognized…not just as faceless people behind their masks but brave individuals who were placing themselves at risk to aid us. At their request we printed their organization’s names or logos to celebrate them too. Some corporations even came forward to sponsor and demonstrate their commitment to the cause, so we printed their brand names with messages.

The story of our RIZE Shield is really about these #covid19heroes to whom we owe our life and liberty. Let us recognize them, support them and celebrate their contributions!

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