Picture 3D printing and installing a custom mechanical part while your customer waits. Or producing custom earbuds in a few hours.

Only Rize One empowers you to manufacture small quantities of customized end-use products either in a lab or right in your office, eliminating expensive investment in tooling, infrastructure and inventory. With the low surface energy of Rize parts, you can even print molds to produce accurate elastomeric end-use parts, such as seals, without the need for a release agent. With its extraordinary ability to produce isotropic engineering-grade thermoplastic parts, you can quickly and affordably manufacture everything from prostheses for people and animals to parts for cars to drones, robots and so much more. Rize additive manufacturing technology can also print embedded markers, such as QR codes, that create an immutable connection to the digital part and bridge the gap between the virtual and real world. And, since Rize virtually eliminates post-processing after printing and provides software that automatically enables imperfect files to be 3D printed, you can produce these products 2X faster and at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

As demand for customized and intelligent parts and products increases, so too do the opportunities for Rize 3D printing.  

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