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How can safe 3D printing help in the battle with COVID-19? Do you have ideas or need capacity? Rize and our partners are collaborating with innovators and the healthcare ecosystem to find solutions.

Rize Shield
Dr Mark Kovach, MD wearing a RIZE Shield
  • PROTECT: Safety Certified for Skin Contact

  • REUSE: Easily Cleaned with Water, Soap or Disinfectant

  • INFORM: Personalized Marking for Instruction

  • INSPIRE: Augment with Images and Branding

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USP Class VI 3D printing materials

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Health and Safety First, UL 2904 Greenguard Certified

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Moisture & Chemical Resistant

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Rizium - Our Materials Make the Difference

US Pharmacopeia Class VI

Safe materials for skin contact & your overall health

Moisture & Chemical Resistant

Moisture & Chemical Resistant:

Clean easily with water, soap and disinfectants

Health and Safety First, UL 2904 Greenguard Certified

UL Greenguard Health Certified:

Print at the point of care or right from your home

Be Part of the Solution

RIZE supports efforts of the Life Sciences and Healthcare community with 3D printed personal protection equipment (PPE).

  • RIZE materials are uniquely formulated for medical grade applications. Awarded with UL 2904 Greenguard and US Pharmacopia Class VI certifications, parts printed with RIZE solutions are safe for extended period skin contact and easily sanitized for reuse.

  • We are ramping up production capacity to provide 500 units per week for distribution to the healthcare community. We are also working with partners to augment capacity to do more.

  • We are sharing our designs within our partner and customer ecosystem so others can take part in providing needed PPE equipment that protects our dedicated Healthcare and Life Science community.

RIZE salutes the efforts and dedication the Life Sciences and Healthcare community is providing to help all of us.

Upcoming Webinar

May 7th at 2PM: Improving Patient Outcomes with 3D Printing at the Point of Care

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