Rizium GF

Glass Filled Composite with High Dimensional Stability and Full Color Capabilities

RIZIUM GF is ideal for applications such as functional full color prototyping, intelligent parts in manufacturing (i.e.jigs & fixtures), larger parts that typically warp with other materials, and more

3D Printed Gearbox with Full Color Instructions
Technical Datasheet
Safety Datasheet
Webinar: New RIZE Composite Material – Rizium GF, a Well Rounded Composite for Almost any Application
Introducing our new Glass Filled Composite Material, Rizium GF

Meet the Most Versatile Member of the Rizium Family

Full Color Hip Assembly

Take on the Most Challenging Geometries with High Reliability

Rizium GF's high dimensional stability enables the printing of large parts with complex geometries without worrying about mechanical defects like warping. Rize's superior post processing technology also allow you to print in a single build entire assemblies that are ready to use within seconds.

Boost your Product Development with Full Color & Marking

With Rizium GF on xRize, you have the ability to print full color parts with over 820,000+ different colors. Print life like parts with immaculate details and stunning visual quality for the most accurate prototyping during your product development journey. The embedded glass fiber also hides the layering, giving you incredible surface finish.

Full Color Skateboard with Logo
Strong Durable 3D Printed Alignment Assembly Tool

Strength Only Surpassed by its Durability

Rizium GF has high flexural strength & stiffness enabling you to print strong & large parts. Furthermore, Rizium GF parts are highly durable thanks to their chemical resistance to moisture, acids, bases, ketones & others, making handling & storage a breeze whilst withstanding chemically harsh environments.

Safety & Health First

Rizium materials produce negligible VOC emissions and can be used to print anywhere without venting requirements. Print from your home, lab, office, basement with peace of mind. Rizium materials are also bio-friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.

Full color 3D printed anatomical heart model

What are customers saying about Rizium GF?

“We like the print reliability, strength, durability of the parts printed with Rizium GF. Both our customers and us can be confident in the quality and strength of the printed parts. Our customers love to see 3D rendered models come to life with an accurate full color part that they can touch and feel”
∼ Ronnie Sherrer, Azoth
“Rizium GF enables us to print large demanding geometries for our customers with good reliability and uniformity. Due to it's high strength and good surface finish, the parts are well suited for applications like machine replacement parts and fixtures. The ability to add colors enables our customers to embed useful information like color coded assembly instructions, company logo directly on the parts and even print fully colored parts.”
∼ Thomas Wakeley, Cimquest Inc

Interested in Rizium GF?

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