Rizium Inks

Rizium CMYK

Full color 3D printing enhances branding and imagery on parts while also allowing for the creation of full color realistic models, packaging prototypes and visualization models (FEA).

 Safety Datasheets: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black

Full Color 3D Printed Hip Assembly

Rizium Marking

Rizium Marking enables the application of indelible text and graphics to any part surface to add for example: part numbers, operating instructions or safety warnings. RIZE Marking capabilities can also add trust and traceability into the additive manufacturing process by allowing the digital augmentation of parts, using QR codes.

 Safety Datasheet

Release ink for 3D printing with Minimal Post-Processing

Rizium Release One

Jetted between the part and its support structure, Release One is a repelling agent that weakens the bond between the part and the support structure, making support removal faster and safer. Release One also preserves a smooth post-release surface finish which is essential to achieving good color on those surfaces.

 Safety Datasheet

Release ink for 3D printing with Minimal Post-Processing

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