Picture 3D printing and installing a custom mechanical part while your customer waits. Or producing custom earbuds in a few hours.

Architects have been handcrafting building models for years. But handcrafted models take weeks, cost thousands of dollars and aren’t very accurate. Traditionally, 3D printers have either been too complicated to use, emit substances too harmful and messy for the office or can’t produce the necessary detail.

Do you need a completely safe, easy-to-use, safe and professional-quality 3D printer to produce functional pre-clinical parts in your office, tool room or production floor? With Rize's APD process, there are no VOCs and we use only safe and recyclable materials. Each component of our Rizium One material is USP Class VI Certified and is non contaminating. Rizium One has less than 0.01% water absorption, a residual metals content of <0.02ppm and is resistant to chemicals like alcohol, acid and acetone. 

The time and cost savings of our Rize One 3D printer has enormous and unparalleled impact for automotive manufacturers to innovate. Because we’ve virtually eliminated the need to post-process parts after 3D printing, you can produce lightweight and functional isotropic-strength parts in the lab, on the production floor or in your office in just hours instead of waiting days or even weeks using other systems. Rize additive manufacturing technology can even 3D print Digital Rights Management into physical 3D printed parts, a QR code for example, for compliance, authenticity and traceability.

Formerly the Director of Marketing at Mcor Technologies, 3D Systems and Z Corporation, and having held senior marketing and leadership team positions in global companies across industries, Julie joined Rize as Vice President of Marketing. In this role, Julie is responsible for growing global awareness, positive brand perception and driving demand for Rize’s 3D printers worldwide, as well as strategic marketing activities and programs to support the sales process.