RIZIUM Filaments

Diverse Applications

RIZIUM Filaments are recyclable, designed for safety and excel in an array of diverse fields & applications.

Multi Material Platforms

The value of your RIZE 3D Printer increases as new RIZIUM filaments are developed. We are constantly working on diversifying our Filament portfolio for our Printers.

Moisture & Chemical Resistant

RIZIUM Filaments are designed to be moisture resistant for maximum process stability making RIZIUM parts easy to store and handle. RIZIUM is also chemically resistant to polar solvents.

Specialized Filaments

RIZE's portfolio of Filaments enable best-in-class results for your enterprise's needs. Scroll down to learn more about each of our filaments.


RIZIUM ONE, our baseline filament, is based on an engineering-grade polymer. With best-in-class industrial Z-strength and its ability to work in tandem with RIZIUM Functional Inks opens it up to a wide range of application all the while promoting innovation in the design process and end-use parts.

RIZIUM ONE, USP Class VI Certified Filament

Featured Applications:

High-End Pharmaceuticals: RIZIUM ONE is USP Class VI certified and can be used to print parts that will contain drugs & biological matter making it ideal for life sciences applications.

RIZIUM ONE, RIZIUM WHITE human jaw anatomical model, RIZE & Life Sciences

Elastomer Molds: RIZIUM ONE has Low Surface Energy enabling 3D printed molds to release materials easily.


Full Color: RIZIUM ST enables XRIZE to produce beautiful true uniformly colored parts.

RIZIUM ONE, RIZIUM ST full color sneaker prototype
RIZIUM Carbon 3D Printed Gear, Carbon Composite 3D Printers


RIZIUM CARBON is based on an engineering-grade thermoplastic, reinforced with carbon fiber for a higher modulus and incredible visual finish. RIZIUM CARBON is ideal for applications such as tooling, jigs & fixtures, larger parts for and functional prototyping for manufacturing.

Glass Fiber Composite

Expected Arrival: First Half of 2020

RIZE Material team is working on developing a composite glass fiber filament suitable for full color applications.

RIZIUM BLACK Bracket, Generative Designs

Interested in our Filament Materials?

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