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Powerful but simple software to power the xRize 3D printer.

One Touch

Full color 3D printed parts are uncommon, and so are the tools for creating them. OneTouch imports all common 3D formats that support color, including .3MF, .VRML, and .OBJ. For monochrome models, OneTouch gives you the ability to paint shells, label parts with text and pictures, and apply texture maps natively.

To achieve the best color match means computing the precise combination of CMYK inks to faithfully recreate the RGB values assigned in the model. It starts with dye-based inks formulated for optimal solubility and color performance. The inks are manufactured with a quality process that ensures viscosity, surface tension, and density fall within the acceptable range from one batch to the next.

Hundreds of color samples are then printed on Rizium substrates and measured with a spectrophotometer to build RGB to CMYK color lookup tables. Palettes are printed on different materials and layer thicknesses to create optimized tables for each combination of material and print settings.

Color Technology

Direct Dithering | A Color Mapping Technological Breakthrough

An error diffusion based dithering algorithm prioritizes matching the hue while minimizing any loss in color saturation. When printed at 300dpi resolution, the resulting images are vibrant, robust, and true to life.

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Download One Touch

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