3D Printed RIZE ONE Carriage, RIZIUM ONE 3D Filament

Functional Prototyping

Innovate on design and pre-production parts and assemblies with Rize.

3D Printed Tooling, Fixtures & Jigs

Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures

Accelerate manufacturing operations with custom tooling, jigs and fixtures.

RIZIUM CARBON, 3D Printed Service Parts, 3D Printed End-Use Parts

Service/End-Use Parts

Minimize customer downtime while optimizing inventory to reduce costs.

Full Color 3D Printing, XRIZE Industrial 3D Printer, True Color 3D Printer

Full Color

Produce full-color prototypes and parts for a greater diversity of applications.

Upcoming Webinar

May 7th at 2PM: Improving Patient Outcomes with 3D Printing at the Point of Care

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